This Sunday, August 27, a report was published about the history behind Biwiser in the Business section of La Tercera.


Several ties unite Franco Mellafe Angelini with Pablo Palavecino and Andrés Erlandsen. The friends, who met playing rugby representing their respective colleges – the first two of the Grange; the third of Craighouse-, they are still united by business and a strong focus on innovation. For example, they founded Natural Safe, a hydrostatic high pressure service firm that eliminates bacteria from food. They also invested in Livingjuice, natural juices cold press, which allows the nutrients of vegetables and fruits to be kept intact. In addition, Franco and Andrés promoted Alfa 3, a helicopter rental company.

His latest venture is Biwiser, a firm that offers management control services to medium-sized companies, which in two years has more than 40 clients and today seeks to expand in the region. Its offer includes reports, business intelligence, management control and inventory optimization.

The business arose after Erlandsen in 2010 implemented the system in its own outdoor clothing company 7Veinte. Then I had two stores and numbers that made me think about closing them. Two years later, he sold it to Forus for US $ 14 million and 12 stores. “The big difference was being able to look at my information on time and in a reliable way and thus grow. Then, when I went to work for a year in Forus, I saw that the grace of this group is that they have a level of information on time and effectively. That happens only in big companies and not in small ones, “says Erlandsen.

The model, however, was implemented by former Falabella executives David Ávila and Pablo Martínez, the latter today is the general manager of Biwiser. Both, more than a decade ago, promoted the management modernization system in the retailer. “Large companies today are just implementing it, but in Falabella it was done 11 years ago. In practice, it is moving from the Excel manual to these process and software practices with analysts that empower the companies and allow them to develop, “explains Ávila.

“We met with David to discuss the issue and he proposed this business model, but proposed implementing it for medium-sized companies, firms that do not have the capacity, knowledge and resources to have this type of department,” says Palavecino, founder de Glam & Co, which is also advised by Biwiser. “The idea of coming together was born from a conversation we had with Pablo Palavecino, who had come to implement a similar process in Gama,” adds Erlandsen.

Last year he joined as partner and director Franco Mellafe, eldest son of Patricia Angelini, niece of the late businessman Anacleto Angelini. The subject was not unknown to him, since he spent more than 14 years exercising various responsibilities in Arauco, a company led by his uncle Roberto Angelini. As a commercial assistant manager, he implemented a similar system. “One of my primary functions was to install control management systems for Celulosa Arauco sales management and in that work we use the same tools we use in Biwiser. As it is a large company, it has a management control department, with servers and softwares, but there was a lack of hands to implement it. That work was a decision I made and that’s why when they told me about this business, I did not hesitate to participate, “says Mellafe. The first Biwiser customer arrived in March 2015 and today they have a wide range, including Entel, Atton Hotels and Sushihana, as well as Cotys lingerie firm and La Vinoteca bar, among others.

Now, they are taking the Biwiser service to Colombia. To that market, they point out, they were associated with local investors, among them, a member of the Otoya family, a business group in the Cali area, which has a business management systems firm among its operations. Mellafe says they also look to explore options in the United States, Mexico and Peru.

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